Teb Tajhiz Paya Engineering Company

Paya Equipments Engineering Company was established in 2008 and introduced the first generation of NPWT as the first manufacturer of advanced medical equipment for wound healing in the country.

It is worth mentioning that Paya Equipments Engineering Company was founded by Mr. Abbas Hallaj Karladani, founder of Vacuum Therapy System in Iran.

Mr. Abbas Hallaj Karladani, a renowned expert in orthopedic medicine, has made this procedure one of the most effective ways of wound healing in the world before only in the hands of large US companies and some European countries. Introduce young Iranian engineers to the Islamic homeland so that dear people of Iran can still walk with their feet.

PAYA Equipments Engineering Company has now succeeded in producing, in the shortest time, the world’s leading and most versatile NPWT devices in a variety of models and applications, along with related accessories and excluding US and European corporate monopolies.

Some documents and endorsements

Paya Teb Engineering Engineering Company, as the first manufacturer of complete wound vacuum therapy system (NPWT) in Iran, has received a certificate from Isfahan Dermatology Dept. and training centers of various cities for their work during these years.

Paya Teb Engineering Co., has obtained the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Health and the General Office of Medical Devices and High Technology License (Hyatt Industries) from the Ministry of Industries and Mines and is applied in the largest medical centers in Isfahan under the supervision of the Deputy of Treatment. Provinces and health centers throughout the country have been used.