Teb Tajhiz Paya Engineering Company
Founder of Wound Vacuum therapy System in Iran Simplex III Wound Vacuum Therapy Device
Simplex II Wound Vacuum Therapy Device
iSimplex Wound Vacuum Therapy Device
کیت وکیوم تراپی زخم با فوم و چسب برند پایا Approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Ministry of Health Teb Tajhiz Paya Engineering Company
Wound Vacuum Therapy Kit with Paya brand Foam and Adhesive Drape
دستگاه وکیوم تراپی زخم اینتگرو Integro Wound Vacuum Therapy Device Integro+ Wound Vacuum Therapy Device Teb Tajhiz Paya Engineering Company

PAYA Engineering Equipments Engineering Company

Teb Tajhiz Paya Engineering Company was established in 2008 by Prof. Abbas Hallaj Karladani, Bahman Shafiei and Mohammad Reza Akbari Kajani. By producing the first generation of Wound Vacuum Therapy devices, it is one of the manufacturers of advanced medical equipments in wound healing, Introduced to the country’s medical system.

Now, the company has succeeded with more than a decade of efforts to produce the best and most diverse NPWT devices in accordance with the latest technology in the world in various models and applications along with the relevant accessories and to break the monopoly of American and European companies.